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Dropping your child off on their first day at secondary school: 5 simple rules

It’s their first day at secondary school and you are into a whole new set of rules and etiquette on parental behaviour. I just dropped my youngest off today and fortunately had the experience of his elder brother to guide me through, so I am happy to share this vast wisdom with you now. I acknowledge that I am the mother of two sons and that it may be a little different with daughters, but here goes:

  1. Do not get out of the car:  to say goodbye or to wish him or his friends luck
  2. Do not attempt to make any physical contact as your child leaves the car – no kisses, hugs, or restrained pats on the back or arm
  3. Do not call out the car window before you leave or draw attention to yourself in any way in front of his peers.
  4. Do not cry!!!
  5. If you must cry, at least wait until you leave the school grounds, and on a point of safety, do pull over if you are in floods of tears as this will seriously impair your vision and may cause you to be a danger to other drivers.

Good luck!